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Well-being, retreats, events

eco-responsibility; awareness; break; meditation

La Villa de Rosa, the sea and you

We make this exceptional venue available for photo shoots, film shoots, wellness retreats and private events.

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, marked by constant stress and obligations, the balance between body and mind often seems a distant ideal. In search of harmony, are you looking for a place to escape routine and immerse yourself in a rejuvenating experience?

Villa Rosa is the ideal place to organise a spiritual or wellness retreat, a yoga retreat or any other experience to reconnect with yourself.

Villa de Rosa is 118 m2 and can accommodate up to 7 people.

The villa, perched on a rocky promontory, overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and offers splendid panoramic views of the coast and the Ebre Delta.
The Cala del Carme below the house has been awarded the prize for the most beautiful wild cove in the province of Tarragona. The access road is private. Other magnificent coves, accessible only on foot, are just a short walk from the property.

To enrich your retreat, we offer complementary activities such as nature walks, snorkeling, boat trips and massage sessions. These moments will allow you to fully relax and immerse yourself even more deeply in your wellness journey.

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